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  Satisfaction of Customer requirements and aspiration to surpass their expectations towards the products quality – is one of the components of our company philosophy.

  The company personnel developed and implemented the management quality system for designing, developing and producing of steel castings, aluminum castings, ready-made parts and assemblies. The quality management system of Company is certified by the certification body BUREAU VERITAS Certification (UK) in accordance with requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2015, Certificate number UA 229233.

   Our company has accredited laboratory, equipped with control and measuring equipment for securing the stability of technology processes and the quality of ready products.



Verification of chemical composition of acquired alloys during incoming inspection, check of alloys chemical composition during the production process is carried out with a help of spark chamber optic-emissive spectrometer PolySpek Junior which is produced by ARUN Technology.


Every melting is passed the inspection of macrostructure for hydrogen content.


The control of alloy temperature in melting furnaces is realized with a help of portable temperature meter ИТП-3-02 with thermocouple ТХА 0…1150 degrees С for aluminum alloys and portable temperature meter ТЦП-1800В for steel and iron.


img1  The check of castings dimensions is made by means of manual measurement tools, control gages and three dimensional measuring machine TESA Micro-Hite 3D. Resolution capability of this measurement system is 0,1 µm.


  The quality of thermal treatment of parts is checked by means mechanical properties verification in tensile machine УММ-20. 


Technology processes, working instructions, checking plans and check-lists of geometry control and technology parameters inspection are developed and implemented for every type of products.