image00 Aluminum castings are produced by means of die-casing and low pressure casting and gravity casting. For parts production the following aluminum alloys systems are used: Al-Si-Mg, Al-Si-Cu. The molten metal is degassed by impeller with inert gas. Melting of alloy is realized in flame melting furnaces with dry bottom with capacity 1400 kg.

  Our company is using the following casting equipment:image07 

- Die-casting machines, Model 711А08, locking force 2500 кН (5 units.);

- Die-casting machines, Model 711А09, locking force 4000 кН (2 units.). One of them is equipped with shockless pressing mechanism, thus providing the possibility to produce thin-walled parts.


  All these die-casting machines are equipped with a cold-pressing chamber.

image01  In April 2009, die-casting complex IP-400 TC was put into operation (manufacturer ITALPRESSE SpA, Italy). This die-casting complex includes:

- die-casting machine with a cold-pressing chamber IP 400TC;


- electric holding furnace Marconi TEX 1000;


- molten metal loader САМ VS1;


- automatic lubricator Acheson DAG 1000 MCT;


- robot-extractor TPZ 2А;


- temperature regulating units for molds TOOL-TEMP TT-388;


- hydraulic press for casting gates and burr removal IP РА-25 N.

The entire die-casting complex is operated by control system IDEA-3.

For low-pressure casting the machine У95А is used.

 The production by means of gravity casting is carried out on a special and multi-purpose mechanized gravity casting machines. For complicated inner cavities the sand cores are used.

image05image03  For obtaining the specified parts surface the cleaning with ball stainless steel shot is used (the plant suspended type model RHBE 9/13-L) and hydro-vibratory finishing (circular vibratory plant model R-420). German Company Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH is the producer of both plants. 

Thermal treatment provides an opportunity to make heat treatment according Т1, Т2, Т6.    


We pay much attention to the casting tools servicing.

The ultra-sonic cleaning plant 3 VST 350/Р-Inson of FISA production is used for cleaning the surfaces of molds from residues of release agents, scale and aluminum and for the following conservation of the mold.

The plant can operate with molds with maximal overall dimensions 700 x 700 x 350.

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