April 1997

– creation of manufacturing-commercial enterprise Liteishchik (Foundry man).

April 2001

– creation of Tavrian Casting Company TALKO at the basis of production facilities of manufacturing-commercial enterprise Liteishchik.

December 2001

– putting into operation of the mechanical assembly production, which is oriented to the production of parts and fabricated assemblies.

August 2002

– putting into operation of the precision steel investment casting shop.

February 2003

– certification of the quality management system of company in accordance with requirements of international standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

September 2004

– entry to European market, delivery of the first lot of castings for company NESS, Italy.

March 2006

– beginning of serial deliveries of steel and aluminium parts for forklift truck loaders to Jungheinrich AG, Germany.

November 2007

– beginning of serial deliveries of aluminum parts for Pierburg GmbH, Germany – partner of American automotive corporation General Motors.

August 2008

– start of serial deliveries of aluminum castings for business concern FESTO AG&Co.KG, Germany.

November 2008

– putting into operation the alloy manufacturing subdivision.

April 2009

– putting into operation of the automated foundry complex on the base of die-casting machine under high pressure IP-400TC (manufacturer - ITALPRESSE SpA, Italy).

June 2013

– putting into operation the Aluminium Cookware casting shop

July 2013

– implementation of shell casting technology for iron cast production.

October 2014

– implementation of cold hardening mixture casting technology for production of steel and iron.

June 2015

– putting into operation of high precision equipment for machining, production of Victor Taichung – is considerable enhancement of serial production of machined parts.

March 2016

– creating of the gravity die-casting production area, equipped with automatic gravity casting machines.

May 2016

– implementation of casting technique by lost foam casting for manufacturing parts from steel and iron.

May 2018

– cease of iron and steel castings manufacturing due to low profitability of production.

September 2018

– beginning of serial deliveries of aluminium castings for JSC «BAP», Belarus.

January 2019

– rebuilding of the Aluminium Cookware casting shop