By means of this casting method they produce precision thin-walled parts with complicated configuration with minimal machining allowance.

  The weight of produced castings from 0,005 till 3,5 kg.

  Max. linear dimension – up to 270 mm (depends on part configuration).

  Castings precision – from fifth grade of accuracy according with GOST 26645-85.

  Roughness of parts surface within Rz160 µm.


  Material of casings (acc. GOST 977-88):

  • constructional unalloyed steel (e.g., 20L … 50L);
  • constructional alloyed steel (e.g., 40ХЛ, 50ХГЛ);
  • alloyed steel with special characteristics – corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant (e.g., 08Х18Н9Л, 20Х13, 40Х9СЛ).



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