The technology of casting into cold-hardening mixtures provides the high quality of cast surface, absence of gas defects (porosity, shrinkage holes, short-run castings) and impurities in casted part.

  The weight of produced castings from 0,1 till 35 kg.

  The surface roughness of parts is up to Rz 320 µm for steel and Rz 160 µm for iron.

  Overall dimensions of parts (max): height – 150 mm, length – 1000 mm, width – 800 mm.

  Castings precision – from 6-th accuracy grade in accordance with State Standard 26645-85, depending of dimensions and shape of produced part.


  The materials of castings:

  • flakish graphite cast iron (for instance, СЧ-15, …, СЧ35 according GOST 1412-85);
  • nodular graphite cast iron (for instance, ВЧ-35, …, ВЧ-50 according GOST 7293-85);
  • structural plain steel (for instance, 20Л … 50Л according GOST 977-88);
  • structural alloy steel (for instance, 40ХЛ, 50ХГЛ according GOST 977-88);
  • alloy steel with specific properties - corrosion-resistant steel, heat-resistant steel (for instance, 08Х18Н9Л, 20Х13, 40Х9СЛ according GOST 977-88).


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