Orders in the works of steel and cast iron will not be accepted


Steel and iron castings are produced by means of lost wax method, into shell molds and into cold-hardening mixtures.


  Steel and iron cast by lost wax method (investment casting). vall

  Model links are manufactured on semiautomatic machines (3 units) and on manual not mechanized molds. The drying of refractory coating layers is aerial one. The furnaces of chamber type are used for calcination of ceramic molds (5 units). The melting of the metal is realized in induction furnaces ИСТ - 0.2 and ИТП – 04. 


 Steel and cast iron lost foam casting. pres

 Lost foam casting is the way of casting production using the model made of material called expanded polystyrene. Such casting method provides the possibility to increase the precision of castings and greatly reduce machining allowance. The weight of the castings is from 0,25 kg to 25 kg. 


  Steel and iron cast into cold-hardening mixtures. forma

  For producing steel and iron castings by means of given method the batch mixer ХТС-70 is used. The productive capacity of the mixer is – 2,0-3,0 tons per hour, batch weight – 70 kg. For shaping of inner cavities and holes the core boxes are used. Densification of the mixture in pattern equipment is realized on vibratory table.


  The quality of castings surface is provided by leaching (for investment casting) and by shot blasting.


The workshop capacity is – 450 tons of good cast per year.


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